Idjit Award Nominee: The Judge That Don’t Know The Crocodile Hunter Is Dead

I am thinking of having Idjit awards because in a world full of idjits, some idjits just stand out.

Like the judge out in California that says that Bindi Irwin’s contract with Dancing With The Stars is no good because she is a minor and her daddy did not sign off on it.  Her daddy died in 2006 after getting crossways with a stingray. ( I remember it was a stingray, because I thought it was going to be a PO’d crocodile or a poisonous snake.)

People talked about it.  It was all over the news. It was kind of a thing.

This bubble-headed judge apparently don’t know they can look that kind of stuff up online.  You know, from news outfits that have a good reputation for reporting facts. You can be pretty sure is what I am saying.

Here is the story about the moron judge:

Court says Bindi must prove dad dead before ‘DWTS’ deal approved

I ain’t a legal eagle or nothin’, but I do know that sometimes facts are just kind of plain and you know..known.

Here are other things this rocket surgeon judge probably don’t know :

  • David Lee Roth is back in Van Halen
  • Water is wet
  • If you touch a hot stove, you will get burned
  • Telling a mad woman to “just calm down” is never a good idea
  • Drunk dialing your re-married ex is never a good idea either

So, if we find out the name of this bonehead on the bench, let’s all educate him or her on how to do a Google search. Or Bing, if you’re into that.