Fun at the Wal-Mart

For a bunch of us folks, ‘the store’ only means one place.


Now, let me say that I love me some of  Wal-Mart.  They got everything you ever need in life.  Even the occasional hound pups in the parking lot being sold from the back of a 1992 F150. That’s how I got my coondog Scooter.

I need a fishing license? Done.  I need a new “3-wolves howling at the moon” t-shirt? Done. I need a big ol’ sandwich from the deli and some starter fluid for my 1981 AMC Pacer? Done.  I mean every dang thing that a man like me needs is in one place.

So don’t think for one minute I am running down Wal-Mart. No way, Jose.

But, you got to admit that sometimes the people shopping there are down right …interesting.  Especially if it is open 24-hours a day and it is 2:00 a.m.

So, if you shop at Wal-Mart, I got something for you.

wal mart bingo

If you go on a Sunday afternoon, I bet you can fill that card out in 15 minutes or less.

So the next time you go to the Wal-Mart, if you hear people yelling out ‘BINGO!’, you’ll know why.

Heck, we might even organize a tournament.

And if you don’t believe me about the people you see there, check out


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Later y’all …and BINGO!